1. About Me

    Howdy. My name is Justin Hackworth. I enjoy bacon, bacon bits, and turkey wrapped in bacon. But that’s not all. I also like pie.

    My regular website where you’re certain to be amazed and delighted can be seen here.

    This Tumblr site, Tank Top Sunday, has been set up as an experiment with my camera phone—a Samsung Vibrant. I thought I’d get all loosey-goosey with it and just see what kind of shaking up I can do.

    And now, we’ve come to the end of the bio. This has been a lot of fun. If you were here right now, I’d either shake your hand or hug you, depending on your comfort level and also depending on how much I like you and a little bit on whether or not you stink or if you are fragrant. And there is hardly a circumstance I can think of where I would now punch you in the throat.